Trigger beep on the camera when someone enters the motion zone.

Hi, Is it possible for the camera to trigger a beep when someone sets off the motion zone? if not, how do i request a feature?

I have signs on my garages “your on CCTV” but still people do not realise and urinate or smoke stuff or dump rubbish in the drive way… I could avoid a lot of confrontation with people if they just knew that they are being recorded!

Hi @Angus1. It is not possible for our Cameras to trigger a noise on the Camera when motion is detected. We do have a Chime, which is an speaker that plays sound when motion is detected. This may be a solution for what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for your response, No I have a chime already and that does the same as the phone.
It would be cool if the camera would ‘beep’ and said “you’re been recorded”

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