Transformer for Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

I live in the UK and have a traditional 12V hardwired doorbell chime wired up to a Jeani JBT012 transformer (4-8-12V 50/60Hz 1A).

I’m thinking of buying a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, which requires a 16-24 VAC, 10-40 VA, 50/60Hz transformer. If I replaced my incompatible transformer with the 24V DC, 0.42A, 10W DIN rail transformer (supplied with the RVD Pro 2 – UK version), I would have to bypass my 12V hardwired chime and use a wireless chime instead.

I would like to use a traditional hardwired chime rather than a wireless chime. Seen as I cannot find a 24V chime, presumably a RVD Pro 2 would operate correctly with a compatible 16V transformer and 16V hardwired doorbell chime?

If yes, then…

  1. Would the Honeywell D117 Home Ding Dong Classic chime be compatible? PDF suggests it’s 16V compatible.
  2. Can anyone recommend a transformer that will be compatible with a RVD Pro 2 and a 16V doorbell chime?
  3. Would the Protek BT8-16 Bell Transformer (16V, 8 VA, 50/60Hz) be compatible? Despite an 8 VA rating being outside Ring’s 10-40 VA range, I’ve seen people on the internet say it works with Ring’s doorbells, but also some say they don’t!

Also, despite Ring specifying a 10-40 VA transformer is compatible, I’ve read 30 VA is recommended. So, what are the pros/cons of 10 VA compared to 30 VA?

If you want to try and connect to a hardwired chime then you will need the pro power kit as well, as its not in the box - Spare Parts – Ring

This looks to be the safest way to work with a chime - you will also need to get an AC transformer for the doorbell as this method won’t work with Rings DC transformer which is designed to wire directly to the doorbell.

Ring supply a 10VA DC transformer for direct to doorbell power. Adding a chime will need more power, so I think you may have issues using an 8VA for doorbell pro 2 - it may work fine on their battery doorbells that only trickle charge.