Transformer Confusion - Hardwired Doorbell Pro

I act as technical support for my Daughter, she has a hardwired Ring Doorbell Pro purchased in 2010 … the door bell came with a DIN AC transformer. The door bell unit appears to be faulty and has caused the transformer to fail. Initially thought the transformer had failed. I replaced transformer which immediately started to heat up ( eventually reaching 85 degrees C ) becoming almost becoming too hot to hold. For about 3 minutes door bell work and then stopped working … it also got warm too touch. Have checked wiring and it seems doorbell unit is faulty. I decided to buy a replacement transformer from Ring to avoid any warranty issues … Is it me or is the website confusing because current Ring DIN transformer only offers a 24V DC output ? I ask the question because Customer Service not really very helpful, they seem to have difficulty distinguishing between power requirement for hardwired doorbell pro 2010 vintage even suggesting I need a resistor to be installed in series with doorbell despite fact the website says this is only required for battery powered doorbells being converted to hardwired. Trying to make sure we get this right as my daughter has Ring Protect Plus and we think we should be able to get a replacement doorbell under extended warranty. Any thoughts out there ?, any one had similar problems

Hi @BillericayDickie. The DIN Rail Transformer for Wired Video Doorbells 2nd Generation is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, so it will work with it. If you install it with your Pro and it is still not working correctly, the next best step is to continue working with our support team to further investigate your concern.

@BillericayDickie As mentioned the 2nd gen DIN transformer will be fine. When you say the doorbell unit is heating up, do you mean the Ring unit? Also is there a traditional doorbell chime in the mix here at all?