Transferring Account from Dead Son to Parents

Does anybody have any way to direct us to someone at Ring who can actually get something done?

Our son died last week of coronavirus/complications of coronavirus and we have tried on two occasions over the last week to arrange getting his account transferred to us (his parents) so that we can enter his home without setting off the alarm or the possibility of summoning local police.

We cannot proceed with funeral arrangements nor access vital paperwork without retrieving what is needed from his home.

Hi @Aggrieved. Thank you so much for reaching out to us on the Community about this concern! I could only imagine the hard times you are going through at the moment, so we want to help speed up this process for you and make it as easy as possible. If it’s okay with you, we are going to have someone from one of our speciality teams reach out to you based off of the email address you have on file in the Community forum. In doing this, we can ensure you get the proper and timely follow up on this situation that you are looking for! Let me know if this is okay, and I pass along my condolences during this trying time! :heart: