Transfer Ring System to new home owner

I sold my house with a ring alarm and was able to remove all devices at my former residence from the ring app (my account), EXCEPT door bell chime? Can anyone help with this?

Hi @GregoryS! From the main page or dashboard in your Ring app, open the menu and select devices. Once you select your Chime, please select device settings, then general settings. There you should see an option to remove the device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for that suggestion. See attached screen shot.

I’m having the exact same issue! I’m starting to think that the chime needs to be connected to the network that it was previously running on and then it can be removed.

I’m hoping there’s a better option.

Are you using an iOS device? If so, you have to logon through an android device! For some reason, iOS devices are having issues removing chimes.

I was also in the app through my iPhone which is why I initially couldn’t remove it.

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Hey neighbors! @Mabelgrace Thank you for pointing this out! We recently had a conflict in the Ring app where on iOS devices, the original Chime (1st Gen) cannot be removed through the Ring app without reconnecting the device and then removing it. Some users were unable to reconnect it, and have to remove the Chime via an Android app at this time. In the event you may not have an Android app, please hold off on removing the device from your account until this is addressed and fixed in an upcoming app release! Thank you, neighbors. :slight_smile: