Transfer devices to new home owner

Ring should develop a process to transfer all configured devices to a new homeowner’s account. This does not have to include the subscription service. The new owner can pay for the plan, but it is completely absurd that a new homeowner would be required to scan ever device in a house that they just purchased to take ownership of the alarm system. You know that this is ridiculous Ring. There is no other alarm company I know of that requires this. Get your act together and care enough to make this happen.

Completely agree. This is absolutely insane.

The transfer should be a straightforward account reassignment. All the information is already registered with Ring. At least make it possible to move all devices linked to the base station at once.

My wife is a realtor and her clients expect to get a working alarm system in their name. They surely don‘t want the previous owner to be able to monitor them in their new home.

Simple process: new homeowner opens a Ring account, old homeowner requests a transfer to the new owners account with old account/location &new account/location as unique identifiers. Can‘t be that difficult …

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Completely concur. A new purchaser will never be able to get high enough on a ladder to try to find the silly QR codes or push buttons on hardwired cameras (which were installed by a contractor). I will recommend they not try to use this system - a friend who just bought a house with a Ring system is going through complete frustration trying to get it registered in her name. Because she’s retired and watching her spending carefully, she will give up and not use Ring or any other device. A simple account transfer process is badly needed.

Same problem with switching ownership between landlords and tenants on rental properties.

Seriously considering ditching the installed Ring security system for a better option because of this exact issue.

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