TP Link M5 DECO Ring Spotlight Cam & Floodlight Cam

Hi all,

I recently installed a TP-Link M5 DECO Mesh WIFI system and since then my Ring Spotlight Cam is constantly losing connection. Is there a fix for this yet as I’ve found multiple threads about this but no real fix?

One of the mesh routers is probably 3 feet from the Spotlight Cam but is still only showing RSSI -69 at best when connected for the short periods.

My second Ring camera a floodlight cam, seems to have a stable connection all be it at RSSI -68. It seems strange they both don’t have great signal when I can stand next to them with an iPhone or other device and they show full signal.

Before the mesh was installed I had a BT Smarthub 2 with both cameras connected to a £20 BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 which actually did a better job.

Any help would be appreciated.


I am running a mesh setup, Linksys Velop. I found that some cameras were actually connected to nodes that were further away than the nearest node.

Not sure about TP settings but I disabled something called Node Steering, and split my network into 5ghz and 2.4ghz bands. I found my Doorbell Pro would keep switching nodes and between 2.4 and 5ghz bands, much more stable now I’ve forced it onto the 5ghz band and my router isn’t trying to be ‘intelligent’ by swapping devices onto different nodes. Hopefully of some help

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@JOSEF Yes this is basically what my thoughts were as well. Mesh system can sometimes have issues with which base station a device is on and the device can “hang on” much longer than it should to a weaker signal. On the whole this is why I dislike mesh Wi-Fi. If you can get away with it for coverage using a higher end router like a Netgear Nighthawk or TP Link Archer etc might actually be better than a mesh system. Yes also splitting the wifi bands is usually a good idea on what ever system you are on. Plus I find Ring devices work better over the 2.4ghz on the whole due to better penetration.

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