Touch screen keypad for Ring Alarm with ability to view cameras

Touch screen keypads are a modern device that has been around for a while. Currently, Ring does not have a touch screen keypad. I know you could use an old iPad but that is not safe since anyone can disarm the system without any codes. I think that a touch screen keypad would be amazing. This can allow customers to arm their system, see where the exact issue is in the event of an alarm, view cameras, etc. There are many possibilities for a touch screen keypad. ADT and other DIY systems like COVE have their own touch screen panel. Their panels allow a more luxurious feel to their system. I’m sure that this panel will need to be plugged in but that’s okay. I would love for this device to be added to Ring Alarm and their ecosystem as so many others would. Just another reason to chose Ring!

Hi @sunside. This is great feedback. I’ve gone ahead and moved this to our Feature Request Board so other neighbors can share and add interest to this Feature Request.