Touch screen keypad for Ring Alarm with ability to view cameras

Touch screen keypads are a modern device that has been around for a while. Currently, Ring does not have a touch screen keypad. I know you could use an old iPad but that is not safe since anyone can disarm the system without any codes. I think that a touch screen keypad would be amazing. This can allow customers to arm their system, see where the exact issue is in the event of an alarm, view cameras, etc. There are many possibilities for a touch screen keypad. ADT and other DIY systems like COVE have their own touch screen panel. Their panels allow a more luxurious feel to their system. I’m sure that this panel will need to be plugged in but that’s okay. I would love for this device to be added to Ring Alarm and their ecosystem as so many others would. Just another reason to chose Ring!

Hi @sunside. This is great feedback. I’ve gone ahead and moved this to our Feature Request Board so other neighbors can share and add interest to this Feature Request.


I agree. It would be nice to access many features via a decent sized touchpad (especially for older folks) over having to use a small phone app.
Being able:

  • Turn on/off Alarm
  • Pause motion alerts (15, 30, 60, 120 minutes)
  • View Live View from cameras
  • Turn on/off Lights
  • Modify device options

Pretty much everything (and more) that can be done via the phone app/web app.


I think a video enabled keypad would be great! I had that with my last provider.
Can you add to the list a setting that can be enabled in the Ring iOs app that requires the access code to disarm the alarm?
Im using an iPad on the wall, and need to keep the iPad passcode locked at all times, but would love to instead keep it on the Ring app as a hub interface, but with my alarm code still needed to disarm the system on entry.

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That’s will be an awesome add on.
I will be nice to have a touchscreen to control the system and live view the cameras ect.
That kind of technology will make Ring the best system.

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This is what I had in mind. I would like to have them offer some security to the app. Maybe a passcode or face/touch id to arm and disarm a system.

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Any updates on this @Tom_Ring

In addition to this, if y’all really wanted to step it up and make something impressive. Integrated Face ID as a option to control the alarm.

I believe someone else has posted this suggestion already, did you search first before you posted this to avoid needless duplication?
How much will you be willing to pay for such a device? £100, £150, £200, £300, ???

Thought I looked hard enough but guess I didn’t. I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to pay, I’d probably let ring decide on that but depending on what it can do feature wise I’d probably be willing to pay around $100 - $200 for it.