Tones on phone

Hello I wonder is it possible to change the tone that notifies on iPhone when someone rings the doorbell or is this a default tone. I also see there is no option to change a seasonal tone…this was one of the reasons I purchased the chime… very disappointed…am I missing it somewhere ?

Hi @Audrey. You definitely can! If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Device to change notification sound of > Device Settings > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones and you can pick from here. You will not see seasonal tones until closer to that seasonal time of the year, but having them year round could be a great feature!

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When I try and update my alert tones on Iphone it will not save or increase the volume.

Error message just says: your sound could not be loaded

Any suggestions?


Hi @SteveMD. We were experiencing some issues with getting sounds to load on the Ring app. This has since been resolved and it should be back to normal. Try force closing your Ring app, and reopening it to get your sounds to load. Thank you for being patient while we fixed this. :smiley: