Toggle thumbnails on Event History off

I would prefer to be able to either turn the thumbnails off or have the full date under the time on each so you know exactly when it was without having to scroll if you get a few of them to go through. The year isn’t on the date either, just day and month. Thanks.

I agree with FoxyMorticia. I have so many thumbnails each day from my 4 cameras that I have to scroll down many pages to get to yesterdays history, now that there are thumbnails showing. I understand some people would prefer them, but give those that don’t the opportunity to switch them off. I also agree a date and time stamp would be useful.

I also agree - give us the option to see thumbnails or a list in the Event History…personally I would rather see the list…

Please provide an option to turn off snapshot in event history. If you have multiple cameras, it’s useless, as you have dozens and dozens of pages to scroll because the snapshots take up so much room that the events are spaced far too widely.

The new event history showing video thumbnails is terrible. Too cumbersome to scroll through numerous events. Please revert back to prior version, or provide option to do so.