Timer for Record Motion on Stick Up Cam


I would like to request that functionality is add to schedule “Record Motion” on and off at certain times of the day.

Specifically, the “motion schedule” feature which allows for rules for when motion notifications are received to be extended to schedule switching on and off motion recording completely.

My use case in that I have a stick up cam to monitor the enclosure where I keep my backyard chickens. I would like to set the record motion to automatically switch on at a specified time (after the chickens have "gone to bed "in their coop!) and switch off at a specified time the following morning (just before they get up!). The motion schedule feature is no use to me because motion is still recorded - my chickens walk around their enclosure all day - so, while I don’t get any alerts, multiple recordings take place during the day which a) drains battery fast and b) fills up Event History very quickly. While it is good to occasionally see how my chickens are getting on during the day through live view, i don’t need recordings. However, at night recording (and indeed alerts) are useful so i can see if any predators haved approached their coop during the night or if the motion was just a local cat wandering by. You could say that I should just remember to do this manually every morning or evening. However, in my example, chickens become active in summer months at first light where i live which can be around 4.30am. I don’t wish to set an alarm to wake myself up simply to switch off Record Motion.

In the UK alone, an estimated 1.03million people keep backyard chickens (as at March 2020), so i am sure many would be interested in a Stick Up cam to monitor their flock if it had this feature.

Thank you for your consideration.

I second this request, the motion alert schedule is useless as the most important thing is to cancel recordings on a schedule. This drains wifi data especially when constantly being outside.