Timer for chaning Modes

I disable alerts and recordings when working in my yard or driveway. More than once I’ve forgotten to turn it back on. A timer function when turning off alerts would be a great feature add. For example “disable for x hours.”


Same issue with me.
a timer would be awesome.
i find out after several days that the motion and recording are off. Please add a timer to that feature.

Would like a timer for the “disable” mode. I use it on my patio at times, and forget to turn it off and find that all night my patio is offline. I would also like to second the lights feature, if you phase or disable security cams, it should include disabling the lights that motion detect as well, annoying to have to go in deeper to turn the motion lights Off manually.

I came here to post this same suggestion. A Timer would be a great addition for when you expect motion activity for example doing yard work or having friends and family over and people are constantly coming in and out.

100% agree. I turn off my video doorbell when my kid is playing in front of it, and I always forget to turn it on again at night. A timer for modes would be wonderful.

seconded ……. are ring aware of these requests? and are they doing anything about it?

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I do not have the alarm security system but have several Stick up Cams, a Floodlight cam and a Video doorbell plus several chimes around the house.

My wife attends to to our garden at non-regular times and will set any or all the chimes off while she is out there. I know I can disable individual chimes for set periods or use the “Disarmed Mode” to turn it all off - and then forget to re-arm it!

My request please, is for a timed option for the Disarmed Mode so that I cannot leave it off unintentionally. I would be happy to leave the cameras active and recording but just not have the continuous chiming.


Given I’m coming here 18 months after the original post with the same issue, I’m not convinced it’ll do any good - but yes, timer please!

I’ve put a Ring Indoor Cam in my home office and I don’t want it recording when I’m working and I don’t want to have to remember to turn it on and off.

Modes aren’t much help because they rely on you manually switching between them. They really should be on a schedule too if they’re to be useful.

My workaround is plugging it into a wifi-enabled socket which is set to turn on at 7pm every day. I turn it off manually when I enter the office. Bit clunky though and such an obvious and easy to implement feature should really be built-in.

Haven’t seen any response from RING??? Why can’t they follow up on this??? A over all timer would be so beneficial. On at 10pm off at ? 5am??? We all forget to turn it back on. Simple fix…but RING has not followed up on it??? Great product, but lets make it better

Has anyone worked out a way to do this? I’m a new user. It seems such a simple feature to have on an app I was sure it would already be there but I’m unable to find it. I too have forgotten to rearm a few times. The other feature which would be very helpful for security is to notify when Wi-Fi is down. In this time of high power costs I switched off all my sockets before going on holiday….obviously this switched off my router too (duh!!)….which I only realised when too late. A notification on my phone would have stopped me. Clearly I’ll not make this mistake again but it would be good to know automatically if my cameras are down due to Wi-Fi. Thanks

It seems there are multiple separate threads and requests, can the moderator review and group these into a linked thread so that it gets critical mass for an update to add this feature? Thanks

Logged in to request this feature. I use Home mode to alarm my bike shed while the rest of my house is unarmed, but have to switch to Disarmed mode to take a bike out or put one back in. I sometimes forget to re-arm the alarm afterwards, and it would be incredibly useful and minimal engineering effort to add a mode timer that notified you if you’ve left the system unarmed for a period of e.g. 5 minutes (with ability to snooze for another 5 minutes).

Lots of other types of systems have the notion of time settings and automatically changing the parameters during night time hours seems like an obvious one to me.
Come on RIng, let’s have this feature

It would be very helpful to have a timed alarm disarmed feature that would put the app in the Disarmed mode for a specific period of time and then automatically switch to the Home/Away mode when the timer expires.

For example, if I know it takes less than 2 hours to mow the lawn, I could temporarily disable the system for 2 hours so I don’t get tons of videos of me mowing the lawn AND I won’t have to remember to rearm the system.