Time and date stamp on live video

Feature request Time and date stamp on live video and recordings.

the time must have hour min secs


7.7.2023 03:24:05

Edited to add:

I stand corrected! I was doing everything from my Android cell phone. If I view the videos from Windows, the timestamp does show.

Holy crap; you are absolutely right!!!

I didn’t even check until I read your feature request. Actually, NONE of my downloaded videos (live view and motion triggered) have time and date stamps. Totally useless as a security video, as it could not serve as evidence…

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Hey neighbors, the timestamp should be displayed in the Ring app when activating the Live View or viewing a video from the Event History. It should look similar to the screenshots below.

If this isn’t the case, can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end? Additionally, let me know if you’re utilizing Ring.com or the Ring app.

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time date stamp should be displayed overlaid on the actual video. i do have the same as what you have below the video but we need stamped on the video.

i had ip cameras before ring and the date and time was displayed overlaid on the actual video . while watching live view on pc i could look at seconds to see if it was moving then i knew the camera had not froze or crashed . while watching ring camera ive seen me watching though it was live but it had froze . if it had the time displayed overlaid on video i would have noticed the seconds not counting up and realised the camera had froze.


Edited to add:

I stand corrected! I was doing everything from my Android cell phone. If I view the videos from Windows, the timestamp does show.


We are referring to the downloaded videos. In order to save a video, it has to be downloaded. And there are no date and time stamps on the downloaded videos.

Of particular concern for a security video is that it might needed to be used as evidence of a crime. In order to serve as evidence, it needs a date and time stamp on the video.


I edited my posts above to correct my understanding. When I view videos from Windows, the timestamp shows up. I had been only viewing it on my Android phone.

If you view your videos on Windows (or Apple?), do the timestamps show up?

@ meme

The time is below the playback video and below live video on the android app. and when i view a downloaded video on windows pc yes the time date stamp is there at bottom of the video overlaid on it . That’s how it should look on live video on windows pc . i would like the time and date stamped on the live video i am watching on the pc i have 4 small windows open on desktop 4 cameras but no date time overlay on these .

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The other problem is that the time shown is linked to the time zone of the computer I am using and not the time of the camera. I use the cameras for remote monitoring from a different country from where the cameras are placed.

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More importantly, I’ve heard of courts not accepting videos without timestamps, as not matching a person to a particular event.

I believe there should be an option to embed the detailed timestamp in all videos as well as live view.