Threat of legal action

I’ve recently installed a Ring 3 video doorbell but one of my neighbours has taken offence to this. They are seeking compensation from me for distress, claiming that I am breaching data protection laws and threatening court action.

I have blacked out all other properties around me, have turned off motion detection, have put visible signs up outside my property and don’t even subscribe to Ring Protect! So the only time the camera activates is if someone presses the button on the doorbell.

Just wondering if anyone else has had these sort of issues with a neighbour and how it ended up being resolved?

Typically as long as your ring camera isn’t pointing at their windows then they don’t have a criminal type case.
But that being said, juries are often sympathetic in civil actions so anything is possible.
Hate to tell you, but if your neighbors are this petty, I’d highly recommend moving. This will only likely be the start of a long line of trouble that they’ll cause you.


If they worried about you protecting your property then they probably doing illegal activities at there house


Wow that’s crazy. Never heard of neighbors acting like that. I wouldn’t worry about it. Millions of people have cameras and security systems. Nothing they can do about it on your property.


I don’t see how they’d have any kind of case against you. Someone could legally drive by your house and take pictures of the outside of it from the street and not get in any kind of trouble, at least in my state. I’d only see an issue if it was somehow seeing inside their windows, but obviously it’s not. Sounds like you’ve got a nutty neighbor.


If they worried about you protecting your property then they probably doing illegal activities at there house Target Card Balance Now

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I’ve got the very same problem with the div’s next door at a rented house, I got told how many cameras do you want , As i have 2 and doorbell and can add another 2 for inside, Total village idiots, I think it comes down to jealousy myself, If your not doing anything wrong why you so eat up about my cctv !


I ‘hearted’ your use of “divs”.

*genuine grizzly belly lols


I’ve signed up on here specifically to see if people were talking about a case reported in the Times this morning where someone was sued / taken to court by their neighbour for loss of privacy and what peoples opinions are ? I find it strange that ‘Ring’ the company hasn’t paid for high powered Barristers / Lawyers etc to try and crush these sorts of judgements against its product as I would think their business model is under threat if people stop installing their doorbell cameras etc if there is a danger they would have to pay excessive damages to litigious neighbours !

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Instead of trying to fight every bogus case that comes up in court Ring (and other doorbell manufactures) should be trying to get the UK data laws modified so that cases like this don’t win in the future.

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They need to throw their ‘weight’ behind some high-profile cases so that they discourage exactly the same sort of cases being brought to court in first place ! If my neighbour now complains and I receive a legal letter to ‘remove’ doorbell ( hypothetically!) I wouldn’t want to risk consequences so would remove said camera. If this becomes the norm then the business model is broken, I agree that in ‘parallel’ they should be campaigning to get GDPR law modified. Seem like an easy win if they promote how Ring camera helped / was instrumental in speeding up / helping Police trace Sarah Everard movements and capture of her murderer. Why would society want to make it easier for people to go undetected who would perpetuate such a hideous crime ?

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Check this link out, maybe it can shine some lights and you can tell them to pack sands.

I would like to see a reply from Ring in a reasonable time frame in regards to this recent court case.

Do we now have to consider removing them for fear of others chasing the cash, that would previously never considered it an option.

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I don’t know who you are but your response to a neighbor worried about having their civil rights to privacy violated is deeply troubling . You could be a Karen