This entire experience has been awful.

I’ll start out with saying I’m in the military overseas, so things take a few extra days to ship to me, but we have a USPS post office on base.

November 29, 2019 I ordered a Doorbell 2 and two Stick Up Cameras.

December 17th, I contacted customer service, they confirmed it was sent and told me to call USPS to see if it was lost.

December 25th, I get another email saying my order was shipped, if it isn’t here, file a claim with the USPS. Note: it is the shipper’s responsibility to properly insure the packager, not the recipient.

I started a claim through the USPS, and they required the address that the parcel was sent from in order to do a missing mail search and to file a claim.

January 25th, I asked again for the address to file the claim, the Ring representative says that my order has “already been resent”. Justice!

Somewhere in between here and Feb 27th, I received two Stick Up Cams, but no doorbell.

Feb 27th, I ask a representative about the doorbell. I get a few replies saying that it has been shipped and to please be patient.

March 19th, I get another reply that Ring no longer uses USPS (what???) and UPS requires a non PO box stateside address. For military mail, this is not true, UPS will hand off the mail to the USPS to deliver it overseas, but I don’t really expect the Ring representative to know that.

March 19th, I get an email from “Ring Inside Sales” showing two separate invoices for a new doorbell being shipped.

30 March, a package shows up to my PO box (weird…) Lo and behold my saga is finished! Except it isn’t a doorbell, but a third stick up camera.

I have been very polite, very patient, and I’m finally completely unsatisfied with this company.

As a side note, the two stick up cameras have been horribly unreliable. They don’t notify me when the battery is low, they just die and stop recording. They have not recorded my car pulling into the driveway 10 feet in front of it, nor any of the deliveries to my front door, also right in front of it. The only one that seems to be working okay is the one in my backyard, and even then only if I remember to keep it charged.

I don’t want these anymore, but I can’t get hold of customer support to do anything about it. I think I have been more than patient over the course of almost five months.



Bought a doorbell 2 and two stick up cams in November. Package got lost. Few months later got the cameras, no doorbell. Doorbell shipped, not shipped, shipped again, ended up with a third stick up cam, still no doorbell. Cameras perform poorly in general. I want to get rid of it all, but customer service is not answering emails and the chat is down.

We are very sorry to hear about this experience, @Gino. Our orders and shipping are intended to be efficient, and our support team is trained to provide effective solutions. Thank you for sharing this feedback with the Community, and rest assured it has been sent over to the appropriate teams here for review.

We want only the best experience for our neighbors, and hope to have this resolved for you soon. In the meantime, check out our shipping policies for information on shipping overseas. Feel free to also keep us updated, as we are here to assist if your devices are not operating as intended.


I appreciate your reply, but should I expect to receive some help from customer support? If I can’t amicably reach a resolution soon, I’m going to return everything to the address on the shipment box and initiate a charge back through my credit card.