Things I've Observed

Things I’ve encountered since owning my Ring Pro system.

1.) I’ve had several alarms in the middle of the night, only to find out it was a door sensor tamper with the cover partially off. The door sensor will snap back on with a definite click and does not easily come back of. I know it’s on correctly. I’m sure it’s because of door vibration, but the door isn’t being used during the night when the alarm goes off. The past two systems I’ve owned, would alert you if a sensor had a problem, and would not let you arm the system if a sensor had a problem. You had to fix it or bypass it. We need a better way to be notified of this and most important, have the system not arm if you have an issue unless you fix it or bypass it.
2.) My sensors chirp when the door is opened, and there’s no chirp when the door is closed. This is a selectable feature that can be turned on/off in the settings. The thing is, both buttons are turned off in my settings. The chirp when open should not be working, but does. I actually want it do this, but apparently the buttons do not work. I’ve seen other posts where customers are saying the same.
3.) I do not like that my system can be disarmed in the app without having to type in my code. Sure, it’s my phone, but with all the 2 step verification, etc going on these days, why is it so easy for me to just open the Ring app and just hit Disarm and turn the system off? It’s very unlikely to happen, but all someone has to do is have my phone and scan my fingerprint on the back of it to open my phone. Or if someone is holding me at gunpoint, I’m pretty sure they’ll get me to open my phone. This should at least be a selectable feature in case we want the extra step for security.
4.) I bought a bundled system that came with an Echo Show 5. One of the main reasons I picked that bundle is because of the Guard feature that was available. The thing is, Guard does not work with the Echo Show 5. You don’t easily find this out until afterwards when I tried over and over to get it to work. I finally found that answer on these forums. Why bundle that Show and have the Guard info keep popping up in Alexa when it won’t even work? I eventually bought the Echo Show 8 and was able to activate Guard.
5.) I haven’t fully experimented with this one yet, but the last time I had an alarm go off at night due to the sensor tamper, I opened my phone app and saw what is was before even leaving the bedroom. I let the alarm keep sounding and took my time going through just to make sure everything was OK. I don’t know how long it took, but no one from the service ever called. I guess there’s a time frame in which you can turn the alarm off and not get a call, but I can’t find what that is. Again, I may have turned it off sooner than what it seemed and did that during an allotted time. I don’t know, but I’ve never received a call due to any of my alarms. I guess what I’m saying here, is where can I find that info so I’ll know next time.

Just my 2 cents.