Thermostat Shortcut Not Loading

Every time I load my Ring app, my shortcuts pop up right away. However, my thermostat shortcut ALWAYS fails to load. It appears grey instead of blue, and it says “Learn More” in the shortcut tile.

However, I have found a workaround so I can still access my thermostat through the app. I need to click on “Learn More” and then exit that screen, sometimes multiple times, but eventually the Thermostat shortcut finally exists. It appears blue, lists my current temperature, and I can click into it to adjust my temperature settings.

I don’t imagine that there’s anything I can do to fix this on my end since this happens for my wife on her iPhone, and it has occurred for me on two separate Android phones as well. This is mostly an issue of inconvenience, but I hope there is some remedy out there.

Hi @user50996. Would you mind sharing a short screen recording demonstrating this behavior with the thermostat shortcut? What is the brand and model name of the thermostat you have?