The worst customer service ever!

I purchased the spotlight camera w/ the solar panel all together just two months ago. I the solar panel recently is not charging the battery. So I try those troubleshooting 3-steps from the community(apparently I’m not the only person experiencing the same issue here) After reset the camera, I gave the solar panel one whole sunny day to recharge the battery-not even one percent charged! So I went through the customer service, first they required a in-app verification, I did it, transfer me to a real person, she ask an another txt message verification. And the txt message guide me to my Amazon account. Are you kidding me? How many verifications do you need to just speak up your problems? That’s not the end, I ask to speak with the manager, and he said, I can’t do anything until you tell me the solar panel serial number. So I have to climb up all the way close to my roof and try to take a picture of the panel. And here’s the picture:

You designer designed a plastic part to cover up the serial number and code information, it seems like if I don’t try hard to break up the part, I can’t even take a picture of those information? Enough to say, the strong wind coming again, I have to keep myself from felling….