The video for this event does not exist - NO VIDEO

I have 3 ring devices. Two are wireless ring doorbells, the other is an indoor cam.

Everytime I go out of town, I get notifications of motion but there is NO VIDEO!
All the clips when I click say “The video for this event does not exist”

This is infuriating. I have contacted ring support only to get long winded run around.

My wifi is fine.

Hi @ringmybelle. This error message is typically what happens when there’s an issue with the wifi connection, whether that’s the signal itself or insufficient speeds. I’d recommend checking the RSSI for each device, which is located on the Device Health page. Make sure the signal is strong, then check your wifi speeds, as the video may not be able to record if there is insufficient upload and download speeds.

Lastly, review your router settings to see if the ports and protocols used by Ring devices are open on your network. If you need help with your router’s settings, your internet service provider should be able to assist. If this issue persists, please follow up with our support team, as your concern may need to be escalated further.