The Motion Settings Button does NOT work pushing it does nothing

I have many devices. Suddenly the iOS app will NOT press the Motions Settings button.

The button / icon is there on the screen. ALL the other buttons work. Pressing the Motion Settings button does Nothing. Just tapping the screen and it is as if it is NOT a button or option.

Hi @Craig.Bergman. First, check that your Ring app and your phone’s OS are fully updated. Then try to tap the Motion Settings option again. If it’s still not working, can you share a short screen recording demonstrating the behavior in the Ring app?

I confirm all is up to date and works. Except the button. No need for a video. You can press any OTHER button on the same screen. General Settings, Health, etc. But tapping the motion settings with your finger that is supposed to just open like everything else, does NOT open, does not blink flash or respond in any way. Like pressing your desk does nothing because it is not a button.