The Issue is Ring don't care about customers

I don’t normally write any reviews; in fact, this is my very first!
I am so incensed, I have a ring doorbell and pay a subscription of £50 per year (£60 if you pay monthly) I have ONE IPHONE, ONE APP AND ONE ACCOUNT WITH RING.
I have recently purchased another Ring camera from B&Q and because I have installed it at a different location my business, I have to pay a second £50 (£60 if monthly) remember I only have one account and one app and one iPhone
I can purchase a subscription plus for £80, but not in two locations, I telephoned Ring and after quite a wait I spoke with a young lady who was very pleasant, but obviously reading off a script
I was very happy to pay the extra £30 but to be told no, pay another subscription really annoyed me, I asked if I could make a complaint and she informed me she would get someone to contact me 3 days later nothing so here I am writing a review to make people aware!!
There is nothing in B&Q and nothing on the box that lets you know anything about subscriptions and their costs, so I know this is ‘SHARP PRACTICE’ and a £46 camera is actually £546 or £646 if you use it for 10 years (I had my last camera 10 years, linked to my computer)
I just though I have a Ring doorbell so easier to use the same app on and add to, but very unaware of the extra cost I wish I hadn’t, I am unable to return as I have broken the security seal!!
I have two businesses and I feel it very silly to have such an unhappy customer over a matter of £20, however for me it is the principal and could have been avoided by a telephone call from the complaints department

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Hi @user82230. This information is clearly listed on our website here: RPP Features – Ring. You can see this in the screenshot below.

I have today paid 80 pounds for the year to simply reveiw who has benn on my property i can safely say i for one will considering dumping ring and moving to another system that dosnt charge expensive fees if these rates continue to increase