The dark house with A19 "Smart LED Bulbs" which cannot be scheduled

I’m living in a beautiful, well lit neighborhood. Everyone has nicely lit entrances and garden lights which turn on and turn off on a schedule.

When you look at my street, you marvel at how dreamy it looks with all these nice lights everyone has. Well… until you see my dark house with these lousy Ring lights which only come on when the are activated by motion lol…

I am probably the only guy on the street fumbling around with this dumb app to try and get the lights to turn on and stay on or off manually. These are not smart lights and it is not a smart app. I need my lights to turn on and off at scheduled times.

Is it that difficult to update the software so that my lights can at least perform the most basic “smart bulb” task?

Your A19 Smart Lighting Bulb should certainly be able to schedule times when it turns on (i.e; dusk to dawn) in the Ring app. While logged in on the Ring app open the Menu, select Devices, visit your Smart Lighting group that contains the A19 Bulb and tap on the A19. From there you will see the ability to change your light schedules. Please ensure for a good connection between your Ring devices, and that no VPN in enabled on the mobile device, this way the light schedule can save. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: