The ability to link motion alerts with cameras and doorbells to avoid double or triple notifications

If a household has more than one Ring camera or doorbell on one side of their house each device will send a separate alert. I.e motion at the doorbell, motion at the floodlight cam, motion at the spotlight cam.

Can Ring implement a feature so you can group the devices please? So if any of the devices detect motion it could send a notification saying ‘motion on the drive’ and the Chime will beep once instead of separate time depending on the amount of devices. Sort of like a mesh system when all the devices communicate. I am aware you can link devices to record, lights on or siren but not link all the devices together.

Ring could also allow the user to outline the area, similar to the 3d motion detection, so when motion is detect my any of the devices in that zone, it will send a notification and the chime will beep.

Rather than one device sending a notification then the other one etc.