Testing of Ring3 doorbell

Hi all, I’ve completed the Beta testing of Ring3 doorbell, but seem to have lost my ability to keep videos n live view, that I paid for on Ring2. how do I get this back. Thanks for any replies. Cliff.

Hey @CliffHalse. Have you ensured you have an active Ring Protect Plan? You will need to have an active plan in order to see your event history, but you should be able to still see the Live View as this can be pulled on on demand at any time.

I think I did state I had ring protect before testing Ring3. I lost that protection. I thought it must be coz it’s a different unit, so I’ve added my original Ring2 back on line, still no protect plan active. I’ll try removing Ring3 unit n see if that does the trick. If not, I’ll be back, as Arney says ?

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@CliffHalse Thank you for letting me know that! What I would recommend that if that fails to show your plan after you’ve removed the Ring Video Doorbell 3, please give our support team a call here. They can quickly and easily ensure your plan is active and applied correctly for you! Also, love the joke, you got a good laugh out of me! :joy_cat:

Whoo Hoo, plan back working. All good here, have a good day or night, whatever the time is where you are. Stay safe n well. Another one of our jokes for you. >>>>> what’s the fastest cake in the world ? >>>>>>>. Scone. ?:heart:??

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