Terrible wifi connection

I bought Ring doorbell plus also 2 outdoor/indoor cameras and chime pro, wifi connection to all these products are terrible even though my internet is very good, the download speed is over 400 mbps and upload is 45 mbps so that cant be the issue,
There is only one 4 inch concrete wall between my modem and the chime pro and the RSSI on the chime is 65 and then there is only my hall door and a glass porch door between the chime pro and my doorbell but the RSSI is over 70 on the doorbell, im missing notifications when people are calling or when someone enters my garden im not been notified.
Also one of my cameras is about 13 feet above my doorbell and that too has bad connection.
I paid pver 400€ for all products, i could have a top of the line canera for that money wothout having to pay subscriptions every month to keepbmy videos downloaded and also without having to change battery every month to

Hi @James93. Having sufficient upload and download speeds is good, but your Ring devices also need a strong and stable signal for optimal performance. Different building materials can negatively impact wifi signal more than others, with concrete being one of them. Since the Chime Pro has a weak signal, the signal on your Doorbell would also suffer if it’s connected to the Chime Pro.

Some general recommendations are to have your router placed in a central location in your home, and to ensure your router’s firmware is updated. We have some additional information on improving your wifi signal here. If this issue persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.