Terrible Website Interface

Your website for viewing my camera videos is just terrible! I don’t know who designed it, but it’s almost impossible to scroll through the videos because I can barely get to the scrolling and if I can, I can’t adjust it so I can get to a specific one. I don’t do screenshots on my phone and when I need to see something up close, I need a bigger picture so go to the web, but trying to figure out which one is ridiculous. You need to rearrange the page or autohide the header in order to push the video block up farther so people can actually scroll through their history.

The ENTIRE window is shown here. Tell me how I’m supposed to scroll through that tiny window on the bottom, because I can’t figure it out.

I’m on Chrome and this has been happening since I first signed up for Ring. Doesn’t matter if the browser is full screen or not, it needs fixed!

Hey @nightsmusic. We have gotten this feedback recently and have been able to look into some changes we can make through the website. Our teams have noticed that Google Chrome seems to not show all of the recording history in comparison to the Ring app, as well as making it hard to view the history.

Our team is currently investigating what they can do to work around this, as well as fix the history viewing error you may be running into. Thank you for your feedback as well, as I have passed this onto this team that is making these changes for the near future.

They still need to do some testing to make sure it looks like it has improved, so I recommend downloading and using the Windows 10 app in the meantime. The website is not designed to monitor your home security and cameras, but instead the mobile app has been designed for this. We got feedback that neighbors wanted something beyond the scope of just the mobile app to view events and make changes, so we expanded this to the Windows and Mac app for your computer. I recommend to give this a try and see if this works well in the meantime! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. The Windows app is useless to me. It won’t install correctly and I’ve tried a dozen times so I’m not trying that anymore. I’m thinking it’s on my end, but I won’t take Windows back to factory, so…

The Ring.com site works the same way on Brave, Opera and Canary. I don’t use Firefox so can’t speak to that, but I also don’t want to change browsers just to get a better view of the camera. Unfortunately, looking at some of the videos on the web is the only way I can really see details I might miss with the Android app as well as taking screen shots.

I appreciate you passing this along and hope it gets resolved soon.

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@nightsmusic Thank you so much for passing on that information about the other websites as well! This is crucial information for my team that works on the website interface, so this will also be passed on for you as well. I’ll do some checks into Firefox myself in that regard as well!

I couldn’t agree more though, sometimes you need to pull up an event on the big screen to really see the full picture, or in some cases, a face. Thank you again for the feedback, happy to pass along! I’m sure you may see any updates before I can report back here, but once I do get more updates made to improve the look, I’ll make sure to forward them along to you in this thread here. :slight_smile: