Temporary Disable Motion/Floodlight for period of time

I recently install the RING Floodlight in my backyard out the double slide doors that lead to my deck. It has worked great for capturing wildlife and things we never knew were in our backyard. The problem now is that as it gets warmer, we have started to use our deck, including to sit outside and use our firepit. Everytime we moved the light would click on and we both received notifications of motion. The only way I could prevent this was to actually go to the light switch and turn it off. However the risk as is that I dont remember to turn it on. As the spring/summer times moves forward we will begin to use our deck much more often especially having fires. My question is there a way to temporary disable all motion sensing/light illuminating/notification temporarily through the app without actually cutting the power to the device.

Good question @4JFamily! At this time, the only way to prevent motion from activating your lights is to disable the motion/ light sensor via the settings in the Ring app. As I understand you are already using this method, there is also an option to control duration of lights so if they do trigger it will stay on for a minimal duration of time.

The motion scheduling and motion snooze feature will prevent notifications of motion, but the lights will still trigger. This sounds like an excellent feature request! Feel free to add this to our Feature Request board, and rest assure that we will share this feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile: