Telephone helpline

Hi, I am having trouble with the accents of the telephone services, my hearing is not too good but I can hear. I have called twice and struggled both times. Is there another number I can call for the UK?

Hi @Nina7of9. Our support team can be reached at any of the numbers available here. There is only one number for the United Kingdom. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring by sending a private message.

Hi Caitlyn_Ring,
I was confronted with the same issue today calling the Ring Support Team using the German support number; during this call the voice of the Ring support member was very difficult to understand and I had to repeat my answers quite often.
Based on my personel background working with a Support Center, often times the headset was missing a proper connectivity, so using another dial-in number as proposed might lead to similiar quality of services.

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