Tegui M72 Compatibility


I am looking for using Ring Intercom with my Video Intercom Tegui M72. Based on the checks I did with support team, it seems the intercom is not compatible, but I was browsing online and found different solutions.
For example, there is a similar product called Nuki Opener, which has a community where people managed to make it work.

I would not have a problem to open my intercom and solder a couple of wires, the problem I’m having would be that I don’t know which wires to use on the Ring product
Is there any schema I can use or is there any solution to use these types of intercoms?

Asking as I am in desperate need of this product!

Thank you

Hi @emdotco . Our team advises against using the Intercom with any traditional intercoms that are not listed in our official list of compatible devices. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system. Our development team has thoroughly tested and confirmed compatibility with the devices listed on our official compatibility list. We value the safety and functionality of your intercom system, so we strongly recommend sticking to the devices that have been verified by our team. This will help ensure a smooth and reliable experience with Ring Intercom.

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