Taking the Ring Alarm to the next level

  1. Alarm also flashes the home smart lighting to attract attention and neighbours can see exactly which house/apartment it is. If it’s an apartment, it’s very difficult to tell which apartment the alarm is sounding for. Also the flashing will distress burglars and cause confusion.

  2. As above but for outdoor lights.

  3. Ring Plan plus to be professional assistance, not an automated phone call. With ability to notify the Police.

  4. Distress alarm - Alexa linked so you can use your voice to trigger the alarm as you may have fallen and unable to get to the keypad.

  5. Dome sirens for U.K. It seems so obvious yet completely overlooked for the U.K. Ring Alarm system. Additionally, dome sirens should be weather proof with flashing strobe light for outdoor setup.

  6. Integration with Nest smoke alarm as an additional internal siren.