Taking away existing features, RING GREED

Rings recent email stating changes in the app feature related to modes is a greedy ploy to force people to pay for a feature that has no cost to the company.

I will be researching alternative devices and post them in this thread that do not require a monthly subscription related to you coming and going from your home or business

Hi @user38018. Modes are settings in the Ring app that can control the behavior of all of your Ring devices. Effective March 29, 2023, neighbors in the United States (US) and Canada (CAN) will need a Ring Protect Plan subscription to access Alarm monitoring features and home and away modes for Ring doorbells and cameras.

Ring doorbell and camera owners that do not have a Ring Alarm will not be able to use the Modes feature, but they can use a Motion Schedule to set up times when motion should or should not be detected, like you would with Modes. Here is a helpful support article that elaborates on the Motion Schedule feature further: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/218380863-Scheduling-Times-When-You-Don-t-Want-to-Receive-Motion-Alerts-.

You will need to subscribe to Ring Protect in order to get access to Ring Alarm in-app features, but you may still arm and disarm your Ring Alarm directly from the Ring Keypad without a subscription plan. Alarm alerts will sound locally from the Ring Alarm Base Station in this case. Here is a support article that explains the Protect Plan options in more detail and the features included with each plan: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000385923-Protect-Plan-Support.

I will be marking this as a solution to help others that come to this thread see what the new changes are.

This OP is not wrong. This is just another sad step to force people into the subscription, like so many companies who exploit it’s customers for incremental revenue streams after a purchase. You can’t even defend yourselves, you just explain what’s happening and what the services are that require the subscription. Pretty bush league to take away features that were part of consumers’ decision when they purchased this product.

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Hi neighbors, we have made a post covering the Ring Alarm subscription changes here. If you already have a Ring Alarm system set up on your Ring account, you will not experience any changes. You can see a full breakdown of what the changes are, and who they affect, in the announcement we made. Please direct any feedback to that thread as well.