Sync sound with multiple Ring Chimes

Anyone know of a way to sync the audio with multiple Ring Chimes ?

I have a Ring Elite (hard wired to network)

I have 3 Chimes all within 20 - 25ft of a WiFi access point

All Chimes are all connected to the 2.4 antenna

All Chimes have IP reservations within my network

* Problem is when motion is deteced or the doorbell is activated all 3 Chimes begin sounding at different times ( i’d say its within 1-2 seconds of one going off) but it is annoying.

Order seems to be Chime closest to the front door (2nd floor) sounds first, then my mobile device, then the 3rd floor chime and lastly bottom floor Chime.

Any help is appreciated? Does this need to be suggested to the software engineers?

Hi @Edwin92677. When your Doorbell detected an event that needs to chime your mobile device or the Chimes itself, the process of the notification being sent can cause delays so that the Chimes end up sounding at slightly different times. The Doorbell will send a notification to your router, then to the cloud, then back down to your router to the Chime device, or then back down to your mobile device from a local tower and/or your router, depending on what it is connected to. I’ve had this happen in my home as well, as a notification to my phone will come a second before the Chime in my home plays.

Therefore, since these signals are sent out individually, sometimes a device that is further from the router will get the signal later, causing the 1 second delay. A few ways to better this performance would be to look into improving your speeds in your home, rebooting your router to refresh all connections, or any possible repositioning of devices.

I recommend to play around with a few of these options to see if it better suits your needs, but I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team.

* Thank you for clarifying the delay with the mobile device - i know understand the dealy.

But can someting else be done with all the Chimes that are in the home (they are all on the same network

Speed at my home is 1000 down and 30 up. When doing a speed (iPhone 11) (5g antenna)test next to all Chime doorbells i am getting 500+ on the down and 30-35 on the up. When doing speed test (iPhone 11) (2g antenna) test next to Chime doorbells i am getting 250+ on the down and 30-35 on the up.

Could this be fixed with a firmware update to the Chimes? Are the Chime capable of recieving updates to possible fix this inconvenince ?

Hey @Edwin92677! Thanks for confirming all of these details. The network signal and speed certainly sounds sufficient for intended operation of your Ring devices. Something I often recommend for a home using multiple Chimes, is to try your best to locate these Chimes centrally between the router and Camera/ Doorbell device. If you are able to obtain a linear line of sight between each Chime, the router, and the Ring device, this will also help for a smooth and synchronized delivery of notification tones.

Keep in mind, these communications are being performed over wifi in which radio signals can certainly travel over the air at different rates of speed, depending on numerous factors. If the above recommendations do not improve notification timing, the processing and multi-communication abilities of your router is always worth considering as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: