Sync Guest Schedule with Smart Locks

I completely agree. I replaced a Schlage Encode lock with a new Kwikset 914 so that the lock would be integrated with the alarm and control panel and make management easier. The Schlage lock had the ability to schedule by date and time and it looks like the kwikset 914 lock supports this feature too. However, the control panel / Ring Alarm does not. This is a critical piece of functionality when managing a vacation property. Ugh… so upset this feature doesn’t exist w/ Ring. I might go back to the old smart lock as a result.

Please, please Ring implement this. Your alarm product has been exceptional up to this point.

Please enable syncing guest schedules to smart locks. I have two Yale YRD256-ZW2 locks that work with my Ring alarm, minus the guest schedules.

Currently, I cannot enable guest schedules because the ring alarm system will allow a guest user to unlock the door but not disarm the alarm.

This is a HUGE problem that can cause false alarms from the monitoring service! If guest user is not allowed to disarm the alarm, they should NOT be allowed to unlock the smart lock.

In my opinion, the way Ring has implemented the guest codes presents security & safety concerns.

Ring states: "At this time, Guest User schedules only apply to the Alarm Keypad. They do not apply to smart locks. If your Guest User has an access code which works in your smart lock and uses the code in the lock outside of the scheduled hours, they will be able to get inside your home and set off your Ring Alarm - without being able to disarm. You may be assessed a false alarm fee if this is not a real alarm. "

Source: How to Enable Guest User Scheduling for Ring Alarm

How long has Ring had that message posted? Why has nothing been done to improve the product?

  1. Guest codes should not work on locks outside of the schedule.
  2. Guest codes should be able to have a start date and end date the code is valid not just day and time.

This is basic stuff Ring. Please put a little more effort into your products. It would be much appreciated.

If someone has a day worker that has a guest code they can just enter the person’s house in the middle of the night (or someone that ends up with their code can) - that is downright scary!


Was just searching for why my cleaning lady was able to unlock the door on an off day (I knew she was coming but forgot to change the guest code setting, and alarm was disarmed since we were home so no harm). I got an email and text, but so what? Mysteryy is right, if this code gets into someone else’s hands they can just come in, and if I forgot to arm… ooops.

Will schedules ever sync to smart locks?

I’m considering pulling my locks off of ring and using automation to disarm the alarm because this feature is still not available