Sync Chime Pro with alarm base station

There needs to be a way to sync the chime pro with the alarm base station so that you can purchase multiple chime pro and place them throughout your home. This will allow you to hear the doorbell whether you’re in your garage, basement, or a bedroom. And syncing it with the alarm system means that whenever someone opens a door or window you would be able to hear the alerts whether you’re in your garage, basement, bedroom etc. My base station is in 1 room and at night I cannot hear any of the alerts if someone was coming or going. And having 3 kids it’s a nice ring of security to be notified via audible tone that someone has opened a bedroom window or back door at 3 in the morning. Currently this cannot be done.

I agree, when someone opens a door, the “chirp” should also be heard from chime devices in addition to the base station and keypads.

This way the chime would serve the same functionality for the security system as it does for the doorbell.

In a large building you don’t need alarm keypads all over the place, but it would be nice to hear when a door has opened when you are not near the door.

This would be especially useful in a small business situation, which Ring is now advertising its use for.

I’ve GOT to get some sort of linked chime to the Alarm Base Station! Ring support act like I have a horn growing on my head when I make this request! There is NO excuse to not have chimes tied to the alarm system, otherwise I could have people walking in and out my front door without even knowing!

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Literally makes no sense that this feature wouldn’t be available. Same reason the chime is useful- it’s a fairly basic requirement to have a audible signal for doors that open in areas of the home that aren’t within eyesight of the door or hearing distance of the keypads.

Love my Ring ecosystems but totally agree with this thread. The only audible sound for doors/windows opening is the Ring Alarm Base Station. This is a major missing feature set in the Ring solution. I have multiple Chime Pro devices from Cameras and was hoping to place those throughout the home in order to receive audible alerts for when doors open / close. Unfortunately is doesn’t appear possible. Come on Amazon, this has to be a the roadmap. Do tell…