Switching quickly between cameras

In Live View and Video View window - have Next and Prev Camera buttons so you can cycle through live views so that you can select your next camera _without_ having to hit “Back”/“Close” and then goback to “Dashboard” then clicking on the next “camera” and then clicking on “fullscreen” - too slow and too many steps.

Just a Next Cam or “>>” and Prev Cam or “<<” icon would suffice allowing you to go to next.

Even better if you could start priming in background the next and prev cameras so that its faster opening to live view modes.

I think this would be a great feature for those who have multiple Ring cameras as this would allow the user to quickly switch live view to another camera for a different angle/closer camera when someone gets closer to the house.

For example, a Ring Floodlight/Spotlight cam is facing down a long driveway but the position of the front door and Ring doorbell means that the driveway is out of view from this. The user would get a notification of motion on the driveway and live view this to check if someone is coming towards the house. They would then seamlessly switch to the doorbell camera without delay of having to end the first camera live view to then load up the second camera view to quickly answer the call.

I would like to be able to review a camera’s activity and then switch to the next camera without having to back out to the dashboard. I feel like I should be able to swipe left or right between cameras.