Suspicious email received

Also can confirm I’m getting these emails and they have an unique email address only ring have with my personal details, so definitely a data breach

Also had two emails from and used my full name. So this really does feel like a breach.

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Agreed; this has to be a data breach. Why would they know my full name, email address and know I’m a ring customer?

I received this today from Polina <>

From: On Behalf Of Polina
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2024 10:40 AM
Subject: Hi [my first name], Thankful for you.

Dear [my full name] ,

We at Ring want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support throughout the past year. Your trust in keeping your hоme and loved ones safe with Ring means the world to us. :heart:

As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to оffer you a 9О% оff on one of our most popular safety devices: the [Alarm Panic Button] [link removed] - fоr оnly 3 GBР. This handy little button connects seamlessly to your Ring Alarm system, allowing you to instantly send for help with a single press, no matter where you are in yоur hоme.


The Ring Team

I’ve not clicked any links etc. as it’s clearly bogus. Grammar, words used and use of numbers instead of letters are a dead give away.

Agreed - this is definitely a data breach and Ring need to get on top of it and investigate. They have my full name and email address. They would not naturally know this information.


We need to be told WITHOUT DELAY for your customer’s security.

Hi @user63814. There is a marked solution in place for this thread, which answers your questions. There has been no data breach or hack.

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Above, FIzz has stated he has received an email from the scammer on an email address he’s only associated with the real Ring.

Are you saying he’s lying?

It’s a total scam! I regret I lost money! Don’t do it! Problem is that it seems to take you to the real Ring Website, everything looks legit!

Then they keep charging your payment card continuously!

Ring should actually do something about this!


Ring need to sort this out immediately. It’s worrying that they don’t know their own system security has been breached! What’s next criminals watching our homes!