Suspicious email received

I’ve had a suspected phishing email from
Has anyone else?
Can anyone tell me if that email address is legit please?
Nicholas is offering me stupidly cheap cameras!

I’m getting these emails as well. I am assuming they are are fraudulent.

I have received one from James My concern is that the email address used has only ever been given to ring and they have used the full name I shared with ring.
This indicated that rings customer data has been compromised as they have previously denied that they have lost customer data. Can ring please confirm.

I have had three now. I have rung and reported it to ring support and asked them to investigate a potential data breach.

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Same here, started last week. Domain name used was only registered a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve reported it. They tell me they have informed the relevant authorities and will keep me posted.

As you say with you, the only place this email is used is with Ring. It won’t have been harvested from anywhere else so there has got to have been a breach of a Ring DB somewhere.

Same with me. Clearly a scam but also very indicative of a data breach. Under UK law, don’t they have an obligation to inform the Data Commissioner and anyone affected?

Wired website reported in March that Ring are in a standoff with hackers

Mine come from

Same for me. I’ve been getting them daily from for the last week, to an email address only registered with

I can confirm that I have received the same email 3 times so far from these addresses and

I’ve reported it also but didn’t received any answer back :upside_down_face:

I am receiving these emails daily now. How do i contact Ring to report it as the “Contact Us” button on the app doesn’t work. Getter really annoyed now.

Mine came from and I’m ashamed to say I clicked through on the link to this cheap camera before I realised that the title of the email said “can we clone you?”. Now I’m extremely worried they’ve got all my account details.

I made it clear to the person I spoke to that there was an obligation to report this within a time frame under GDPR rules (article 33) and to ensure that this SLA was written into my call notes for the person investigating to understand I was raising this as a breach of GDPR. They indicated it might take 10 working days to investigate and I repeated this was not how GDPR worked and that they needed to take immediate action. I am disappointed that a security company hasn’t appeared to take this seriously.
I reported this on Tuesday and will follow up on Monday.

Given some of the details of these emails, this does feel like a data breach and Ring really need to respond well to this - I hope they don’t use the excuse of the ‘holiday season’ in any reply.

I am receiving these emails on a daily basis and have been for some time.
Today it was from team@ ringspotlightplus shop

Also now as well.
Domain registered on 6th of jan. Fairly convincing website.

Hi Neighbors. To report suspicious activity, view the marked solution in this community thread here. Amazon has a resource to help you with this.

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I just got 5 emails from asking me to click a link to my email details.
Clickbait for sure, but what is worse, it is feeling like ring has been hacked and we havent been informed!!

Hi @user74134. Ring has not been hacked, nor has there been a data breach. Unfortunately, scams are very common these days, and scammers will look for any opportunity they can, using any information they have. The point of emails like the ones shared in this thread are to get you to click the link and enter in personal information, such as your Ring account details or payment method information.

As mentioned previously in this thread, you can report any suspicious Ring or Amazon emails here. As always, do not click any links in a suspicious email, and block the sender after you have reported the suspicious activity through the appropriate channels. Please do not share any links from these emails here, as we do not want anyone to accidentally click them. Thank you.

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I am also getting these emails with the offer for £2 but today its for £3!!
Always from

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I got a Ring flavoured phishing e-mail that used my full name and the e-mail address I’ve only given to ring. This is 100% a breach on Rings side.

The phishing attacks are being targeted with information only Ring should have. You need to escalate this ASAP.