Support Yale Assure locks for Andersen Patio doors

I’d like to request that Ring support the Yale Assure locks for Andersen Patio doors (Models YRM276-ZW2 and related). These locks are zwave capable. There are already many Yale locks on the Works with Ring list, but this one isn’t there. Would it be simple to add this?


I also request this same functionality. This should be very simple for Ring to accomplish. Several Yale Assure Z-Wave locks are already supported by Ring. Yale confirmed for me today that all Yale Assure locks utilize the same replaceable Z-Wave module, model AYR202-ZWV-USA. Given that all Yale Assure locks with Z-Wave use this same module, and several Assure locks (with this module) are compatible, Ring should be able to certify the Yale Assure Lock for Patio Doors and add it to its App quickly.

Ring, can we please take a look at this?

Thank you.

Add me to the list. I added it as a different lock but it only sometimes unlock or lock and will say fail most of the time. Please add support!