Support TOTP and FIDO2 Authentication

Hi, as requested by other users please support better two step verification methods such as TOTP apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Yubico Authenticator etc.

As a better method please support FIDO2 authentication for hardware security devices such as YubiKeys.

At present Phone based authentication is vulnerable to SIMS cloning and relying on just an email address for authentication is poor practice.

That’s why I got on here too. Feature request for enabling Google Auth 2fa.

Here’s a guide for the devs to speed up the process.

I would love to see TOTP and FIDO support. I think you mean SMS cloning.

“We are creating a security product and still don’t have TOTP and FIDO2 auth” is a sentence I heard and said a lot in my own software development team. So no hard feelings.

I’m sure, like with us it is a priority thingy. So here is my upvote. You are surely well aware that your current state is not good practice.

And please make sure to include FIDO2, I’m running out of TOTP slots on my yubikey! And not only one FIDO2 key. But we need to be able to register multiple ones, to be able to keep a backup in the safe in case the first one breaks or gets stolen.

Yes, I am looking at you AWS people who only allow one FIDO2 key. facepalm.

Hey neighbors. Over the past year we have been making various efforts to ensure our neighbor’s safety when using their Ring products and services. In an effort to stay in line with industry’s best practices, Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification, and the options that neighbors have now to log in are the SMS or an Authenticator App. If you are unable to use SMS verification, we recommend using an Authenticator App, which can be installed on a mobile device, PC, or laptop.