Support or lack of supprort

I contacted Ring via. chatbot then a real person on chat. we tried but got nowhere with my question (get on to that later). he suggested I email them and gave me their email address. The email address is no longer in service.

I was then told by help centre to call RING uk help line - yes you’ve guessed it - its dead. not working

We buy their products then thats it - if your question does not fit their category then thats that- they don’t seem interested. unless of course you want to buy something… then they sit up and take notice.

Ive gone off subject but Im fuming that their own staff don’t know their own support email or telephone.

any suggestions welcome please

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yup, the support chat thing is useless, i’m sure its manned by community volunteers rather than paid/trained staff.

Hi @user73633. This page will give you the number to call our support team for your region. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook or X (Twitter) by sending a PM to @Ring.

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I’ve had an outstanding issue since February 2023 - I was liaising with advanced tech support via email but apparently they can no longer email me for “security reasons”.

I contacted via chat yesterday who advised sending an email and gave the very same address to which I got an automated response saying the address is no longer valid, which prompted me to initially ask via chat where my issue is up to (they couldn’t see ‘for security reasons their system didn’t show’) - that’s who advised email was no longer in use “for security reasons following customer feedback”