Support of Modes via Alexa Ring Skill without Ring Alarm

This is a great feature.

Seems odd it’s not available already

I would also like to see this feature happen, sometimes it takes my phone forever to load the ring app, when i could just tell alexa to set mode to away or home. Please consider this it will make a lot of people happy! :grin:

I still haven’t heard anything back from Ring on how to change the Ring App Mode Settings (Disarmed/Home/Away) via Alexa Routines.
I don’t have or need another Ring device, I just need the Ring App to let me change the Mode Settings via Alexa, when I leave… I will change the App to Home Mode via the App itself for security reasons.
Thanks, Richie…

Please add this feature. This is super annoying to have to stop and use the app to change the modes. I have 2 alexas and 4 ring camera’s and really want an Alexa, I’m home to change the mode on my ring devices.

This is a must-have feature! I need to be able to set a schedule to ensure my cameras come back on at night if I forget. It’s so stupid that this feature isn’t already implemented!

Almost £1k spent on security cameras that are basic and not really very secure… I’m thinking of selling these and buying something more professional.

C’mon Ring, this is a no brainer.