Support of Modes via Alexa Ring Skill without Ring Alarm

Please add the capability to the Alexa Ring Skill to be able to change modes without requiring Ring Alarm. I own a number of Ring Cameras (Indoor and outdoor) as well as Doorbell Pro. I use modes in the Ring App to change to away/home/disarmed. I do not have Ring Alarm. However, there is no way to be able to have Alexa change the mode of my Ring System (since I do not have Ring Alarm). Also, there should be a away to add an Alexa Routine action targeting the Ring System (without Ring Alarm) and allow routines to change modes. This would be specially helpful such as when a routine is triggered upon Guard Activation to switch the Ring mode to Away, etc… Such an action cannot be against a single Smart Home Device Camera, etc… it must be addressed against something central like a Device representing the Ring Account, etc… (I suppose similar to Ring Alarm - but when Ring Alarm is not used by customer). Thank you.


Agreed, this feature is a must, otherwise the alexa skill is essentially useless to a lot of Ring users.