Support of Modes via Alexa Ring Skill without Ring Alarm

Please add the capability to the Alexa Ring Skill to be able to change modes without requiring Ring Alarm. I own a number of Ring Cameras (Indoor and outdoor) as well as Doorbell Pro. I use modes in the Ring App to change to away/home/disarmed. I do not have Ring Alarm. However, there is no way to be able to have Alexa change the mode of my Ring System (since I do not have Ring Alarm). Also, there should be a away to add an Alexa Routine action targeting the Ring System (without Ring Alarm) and allow routines to change modes. This would be specially helpful such as when a routine is triggered upon Guard Activation to switch the Ring mode to Away, etc… Such an action cannot be against a single Smart Home Device Camera, etc… it must be addressed against something central like a Device representing the Ring Account, etc… (I suppose similar to Ring Alarm - but when Ring Alarm is not used by customer). Thank you.


Agreed, this feature is a must, otherwise the alexa skill is essentially useless to a lot of Ring users.

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Please look at implementing this some of us have no option to get the ring alarm due to not being in america so having to change the ring mode manually in the app every time you want to change it is painful, would be awesome to allow it in alexa or some other method.

Please can you modify to do this as i keep disarming my ring cameras as the dogs set them off in the garden and forgetting to re arm them at night alexa could do that as a routine for me at a set time if i forget thanks

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