Support for Z-Wave Recessed Door Sensors

While the face-mount sensors are functional, they are also incredibly obvious… particularly on doors. Many systems support the use of plunge-style hidden sensor that are mounted between the door jamb and the hinge-side of the door itself.

It is my understanding that Ring can support these (sortof) but not for the monitored alarm.

Given that all sensors do is detect an open/closed state, it seems to me that it should be incredibly simple to support these and other sensors such as Garage Door open/tilt.


you can support these with the Ring Retrofit Kit. Typically used for existing alarm systems which often have these kind of door sensors. There is nothing stopping you from wiring up your house with sensors and routing them to the Ring Retrofit Kit

@bradium. You’re referring to bridging wired plunger style sensors. I agree with the OP that the Ring sensors are poorly designed for aesthetics and they should offer 2 types of sensors so that a user can choose. I have a competing system installed and my plunger style sensors are wireless (proprietary 900mhz). The Retro Kit won’t work for me. So, they exist and Ring should directly supply/support them. I am an avid Ring cam user and would jump into Ring security if those sensor options were available for my 3 doors.

Fully agree, I’d switch today from my existing system to Ring if they had recessed sensors or some way to support existing wireless recessed sensors.

Support 3rd party Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensors. Allows for concealed and cleaner installation for doors (main entry doors, or service doors). Another option would be to support the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Door Sensor that attaches to the door hinge. Both of these solve mounting issues with the normally supplied Ring contact sensor with door gaps, and molding issues.

Ring could rebrand and certify an existing z-wave sensor.

this is standard with most alarm systems.

Yes agreed. Lots of recessed sensors on the market, Amazon could rebrand one and call it the Sensor Pro. OR better yet, use one of the existing sensors since they work so well.

I really need this. I just switched over to Ring for security. I paired my Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor which allowed me to then assign the door open/close chimes, but opening the door does not trip the alarm. It shouldn’t be so difficult for us to use 3rd party door sensors. And supporting them wouldn’t even affect sales of the Ring branded sensors, because Ring does not have a recessed door sensor, and these sensor cost more then Ring sensors.

The ability to add other smart home alarm devices is a must. I am hoping that the Ring ecosystem will evolve and adopt the Matter standard for more security and interoperability. I just seems illogical not to have the ability to assign any z-wave device a function within a device that demands to act as a hub. You can set up any device to trigger a relay that acts as a hard wired sensor on a retrofit panel.

I have them in all my doors and windows from my previous alarm system. They were originally installed with ADT, then switched them to an AT&T Digital Life System, then a Brinks Alarm, but for some reason it’s not supported with Ring. Mine are 8 years old, replaced the batteries maybe once in the 8 years, no false alarms, no unsightly sensors.

Z-wave integration is able through Homey Pro. Both Z-wave, Ziggbee and others.

Would be very nice with integrations to Homey Pro. It will increase use of Ring products.