Support chat is broken.

Same issue:

I have to edit the source code to resize the window so that it displays a scroll bar. Otherwise the chat doesn’t scroll at all. This has been an issue for awhile but it looks like it is never going to get fixed. Is the latest version of Chrome not supported? That seems silly.

Attached are screenshots of before & after I edit the code. As you can see after changing 96% to 500px I get a scroll bar.

Wow, great find @mackhax0r ! thank you for sharing in detail what you had to do to resolve this. I’ll get this over to the web team right away :slight_smile:

Hey @mackhax0r when you have a moment, can you please confirm what specific page on the website you were on when this occurred?

I have navigated around - doesn’t matter the page. I did the chat from this page though

I am using Vivaldi which is based on Chromium. The only thingI have is uBlock Origin, but I have it turned off so that shouldn’t be the issue. I also tried the latest Firefox with the same issue.

It happens on both Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Linux.

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