Sun is setting Ring Doorbell pro 2 off between 5pm and 6pm every day (UK)

Have my Ring Doorbell Pro 2 set up almost perfectly.

Only catches people who open and walk through my gate, doesn’t catch the neighbour.

However every evening I get one or two false notifications, it started off around 5 pm, it’s now 5:30pm to approximately 6pm as in the UK the days are getting longer.

It’s definitely the sun causing this, is happening every day. I live on a main road, tons of people walk past every day and don’t set it off, it’s when the sun is shining brightly onto the doorbell.

The doorbell is under a shelter/roof/porch.

You can see a green glow in all the false notifications, I can only post one pic as a new user the green glow moves to a few different places but is only there between 5pm and 6pm

Any suggestions please?


Here are the motion settings

Here’s a pic of how doorbell is installed

Hi @HobGoblyn. Thanks for all the information that you’ve provided. The sun is most certainly causing this. Due to the way your Ring Pro 2 is coming into contact with the sun, the direct sunlight is causing the sensors to interpret this as motion. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do about this, is adjust the position of your doorbell, but that might cause an issue with the motion settings you’ve already set. You can always set a Motion Schedule to reduce the amount of notifications you receive during the time where the sunlight is shining directly on your Doorbell.


I’ve done a few experiments with a bit of cardboard, and the one shown in the pic fixes this problem.

I’ve got a 3D printer so will try to make something permanent.

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