Suggestion for ring doorbell

3rd idea I’ve suggested which you used my 3rd suggestion 2 make your ring doorbell globally owned…uredesigned your doorbell on 2 of my suggestions but this idea I have with just a minor tweak could make sales blow off the map…u can checkmy Ideas that I submitted which you’d revised and devised & made it a better product because of my patronage 2u & individuals in my living status has changed. my 1st use of your product made me feel so secure living alone&the suggestions is made cane from what I experienced&felt would make ur product better for purple living under my conditions…(by d way,thanks for the suggested improvements…my email at that time was I believe in going intomy 3rd yr with my favorite doorbell people &my living arrangements have changed and I see a idea that could generate and boost the use &sale of ur product. I’d interested. I still love & I’m very pleased with my security guard, my ring doorbell2, which I’ve named RINGO STARE… THANK YOU