Suggestion for doorbell elite- an exterior mount box to facilitate masonry installs

So, I have been wanting a truly fully wired experience since buying my ring, as unhooking it to charge is annoying, and the brick walls of my house result in me always getting poor WiFi connection even after putting an extender right at the front door. The ring elite would be perfect for me, however it is not very masonry friendly. There are currently only 2 options for install- either mount it to an existing junction box (which who has an existing junction box for a doorbell? It’s low voltage, everyone just has a small hole drilled to feed the wire through) or install the plastic low voltage ring, requiring a 2”x3” portion of the brick wall to be cut out to accommodate one of these solutions.

My proposed solution is simple- make a color-matched, metal or plastic box you can surface mount using simple masonry anchors. That way the only demo you need to do to your brick is a hole just wide enough for an Ethernet cable to fit through. I feel like the elite is most useful to people like me who struggle with poor WiFi connections due to brick walls, so not having a brick friendly install solution is pretty bogus. There’s technically nothing STOPPING you from just surface mounting a metal receptacle box, but it would look horrible.

One thing of note is the elite has a pretty large protrusion in the back which would make it stick out pretty far for a doorbell with a flush mounted box, so maybe the elite 2 can be designed thinner in the back so a mounting option such as this would look more natural.