Subscription query

Hi. I have had a ring doorbell for several years and have subscribed to the associated protect plan for historical review etc. I recently renewed this subscription 2 weeks ago as a one off payment (which had increased quite significantly btw) covering 12 months.

I have also now purchased a Ring alarm system, with 30 days protect included automatically as a trial.

I am looking at carrying on the protect plan for the alarm, which i understand also covers any cameras/doorbells at the address.

As I have already pre-paid the individual cover for a year on my doorbell, this would appear to be surplus to requirements if I then subscribed to the (more expensive) alarm protect cover that (from my understanding) would also cover it.

Obviously if i chose to pay monthly on my bell I could have just cancelled it.

How would I get this money back, 3 weeks in on a 12 month contract?

Is it lost forever, and therefore dissuades me from ever paying up front in full again?

Whenever I log into the subscription page it just gives me the option to sign up for 12 months. There is no acknowledgement of my recently paid in full doorbell cover…

Hi @user43590. You can cancel a Ring Protect plan at any time, regardless of if it’s on a monthly or annual billing cycle. If you cancel an annual plan, you’ll receive a prorated refund for any unused time. For example, if you used your annual plan for six months, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining 6 months you didn’t use. We have instructions on how to cancel your Ring Protect plan here. If you run into any issues with canceling your plan, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team for assistance.

Thanks. Thats exactly what i needed to know. I have cancelled my 12 months doorbell sub and received a pro rata refund accounting for used time. I am now able to continue to monitor the doorbell as part of the free trial with my alarm, and will renew this upon expiry.
Much appreciated, and thanks for the quick response. Regards, Steve J.


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