Subscription Lost !!


Tried to contact support on the phone but verification code is not working even tho its right. :cry:

So i have had a Ring DoorBell since Feb20

I paid for Basic Subscription on 9th of March 2020 for the Ring Doorbell

Yesterday i ordered a Ring Stick Up Cam from amazon in the sale.

It came today so i set it all up and added it to my account.

Then i noticed when clicking plans on my account. Doorbell has a 30 day trial and the new Camera has nothing.

So i have lost my Subscription on my doorbell and its been replaced with 30day trial from the new camera i setup today.

Phone support just says verification failed even tho code is right and i’m pressing the #
(says pound to confirm i’m guessing thats # not a £)

I have a similar issue, paid for a yearly plan earlier this year. A few weeks ago I had my ring doorbell replaced via a warranty claim, now my plan has disappeared.

This is the same with me. I replaced my doorbell and now states I only have a trial despite paying £24.99 only just back in September

Exact same happened to me. Lost several months of a plan because I bought another one of their products (regretfully, now). Social media is useless. Their support service is appalling.

I’ve never had a worse support experience, and I genuinely mean that.

If anyone has a better route to get this resolved, please post.

And do you know what’s even worse? I was worried this would actually happen so I messaged them to confirm that it would revert. They said of course, will revert automatically (see attached image)

And you can guess what actually happened, of course. Lost my plan and now no access to recordings.

I called support this morning who cancelled my existing subscription, refunded me the difference, and set a new one up for the replacement doorbell.

This meant that I lost any existing recordings, which in my case was no big deal.

Annoying that the plan wasn’t automatically migrated to the new device though, and more so that this wasn’t actionable in the app.

Thanks. Very poor service though. I spent 30 mins on the phone to them previously due to a trivial issue. It’s never a quick phone call. And there should be several support options including email, live chat and social media.

In my case it was particularly frustrating, as Ring assured me it would revert automatically. And it didn’t.

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