Subscription Lapsed and all historical video lost

I have to Protect Plus plans for two locations, home and work.

Home I pay monthly, work yearly. Both use the same card as ring only allows on per account.

Today I couldn’t access videos we use at work as part of auditing time and attendance if ever disputed.

The yearly subscription needed renewing. I did it and to my shock after I had events but no videos from 180’days prior!

Support said that’s normal, any lapse and no grace period just all videos get deleted .

I was shocked as most services like Dropbox or any other cloud storage, give you time and will use it to encourage you to renew.

Ring claim they sent emails out and gave me dates.

I’m an IT consultant and an Office 365 partner.

I’ve had Microsoft check their Office 365 logs and nothing shown as incoming.

Apart from the ones I receive about batteries or every time I use a browser to login to the web portal.

They said they couldn’t renew, but the took the £8 from the same card for the monthly renewal. Bank says no attempts were made to authorise £80 from them in last two weeks.

I cannot access the Billing History tab on the portal, it just says “oops something went wrong”.

I have now lost all the stored videos and that could cause a problem if we needed to check something.

I’ve seen other posts from years ago about similar situations.

But my card wasn’t even attempted and the emails they claim sent I am 99.999% sure were never not.

I weirdly never get any receipts when I renew by email, it seems like an issue on the billing side of Rings system to me.

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Hi @PlayerReadyVR. In the event that your Ring Protect Plan is not renewed, either due to an issue with the payment method or if you cancel it, all videos are deleted for privacy reasons. Given that the Ring Community is a public forum and we are unable to view billing or account details, I’d recommend following up with our support team to further inquire about your Ring Protect Plan and billing concerns. They can assist with ensuring your contact and payment information on file is current and accurate.


The card was valid and was used to renew another locations plan - on the same day.

Your own terms say that after a plan ends: there is 14 days grace, four attempts at renewing and 3 reminder emails” BEFORE anything was deleted.

My plan expired on Monday, therefor I should have 11 days grace left.

Also I had zero emails and no attempts to process payment - just cancelled on the day the plan expired and all video gone.

I’ve spent two hours with customer service and they think it was a system error.

So a system error on your system lost all my historical video…

This is known and long time issue with ring. At the end of my first subscription with ring, it expired with no warning. All past videos were lost.

I am involved in software development and web design and therefore have the technical knowledge to check spam folders, etc.

So, at the beginning of the second year of ring subscription, I put a reminder in my calendar and was able to renew a few days before it expired. Again, I received no notices, email or otherwise.

This year (end of third subscription year), unfortunately I was sick in bed when I should have seen my own reminder to renew. As a result, I missed the renewal deadline by 18 hours. All my past videos are gone. The cruelty of this policy is that the events are all still listed! There just no videos attached.

I am putting my ring subscription reminder 3 weeks before it expires in 2024, instead of the 3 days before I did this year.

The ring subscription renewal system is severely flawed. You (ring) should be ashamed that your customers have to figure out workarounds to deal with these flaws.

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